Sweep Easy

How We Sweep

Why we use Rodtech Power Sweeping Equipment?

The Rodtech power sweeping equipment has been developed by experienced sweeps and is an award winning, Industry approved method of sweeping.

We use this equipment to be able to give our customers the best possible clean.

When power sweeping, the brush head expands through centrifugal force to suite the flue (chimney) that we are sweeping it also centres itself. Due to the way the heads have been designed, it is actually the sides of the strands that sweep the flue(chimney)causing less damage than incorrectly choosing a traditional brush head to sweep a flue(chimney). There is an added advantage that using the speed of the drill can stiffen and soften the sweeping action. So if you are doing an older style chimney then you would use a low speed (softer) however if you are doing a heavily built up clay / steel flue then you can up the speed giving you unbelievable cleaning action.

Advantages of using Rodtech power sweeping equipment

  • More efficient cleaning
  • Reduced sweeping time
  • Rodtech is approved by flue manufacturers

Rodtech Power Sweeping Pictures

Rodtech Power Sweeping Video

For more information please visit www.rodtechuk.com

The Rodtech power sweep system ensures that you get the best quality of service by removing on average 30% more soot and tar than the now outdated brush method reducing the risk of a chimney fire and making your fire burn more efficient. See rodtechuk.com ( I think you will be impressed ) I can also put customers on our annual reminder service so you won’t have to worry about when your chimney was last swept, annual sweeping certificates issued And fully insured, all types of chimneys swept, open fire, wood burner & multi fuel stoves, oil burning stoves also gas flues.